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SIRE SUMMARY FOR EPIC LEADER - 5/18/2022 11:15:51 PM
Total AQHA Foals: 417
Total QDATA & AQHA Earnings: $1,947,625
(Earnings include NCHA weekend money)
Number of Money-Earners: 97
Average Earnings Per Money-Earner: $20,079

Total AQHA Points Earned: 36
Number of AQHA Point-Earners: 4
Average AQHA Points Earned per Point-Earner: 9
Total AQHA Superior Awards Earned: 0
Total AQHA ROM Awards Earned: 5
AQHA Champion Awards Earned: 0
AQHA World Champions: 0
AQHA Reserve World Champions: 0
AQHA World Championships: 0
AQHA Reserve World Championships: 0

Total NCHA Earnings: $ 0
Total NRHA Earnings: $ 0
Total NRCHA Earnings: $ 0
Total NSBA Earnings: $ 0
Total BFA Earnings: $ 3,271
Total RHAA Earnings: $ 0
Total SHOT Earnings: $ 0

Barrel: $1,945,576.00
Other: $2,050.00